Saturday, June 29, 2013

Believe it or not (from my friend Sam) in Chinese and English


赭石 一位居住在倫敦的人的親身經歷,他去巴基斯坦開會的時候,突然胸口劇痛,後來被醫院驗出來,他的三條心血管已經被嚴重堵塞,需要做搭橋手術。手術的時間是一個月以後,在這個期間,他去看一位 Hakim─就是回教國家對古法治療師的專稱。

這位 Hakim讓他自己在家中做一個食療,他吃了一個月。一個月後他去同一家醫院做檢查,發現三條血管乾乾淨淨,原來堵塞的地方已經全通了。他是一位虔誠的回教徒,為了讓更多的人受益,他把自己的經驗放在網上分享,他的前後兩張血管照片也放了在網上,在照片中,服用食療之前與之後的分別, 連普通人也看得出來。



In Facebook I don't usually share the cure, but this source is very reliable, and are daily food, so better to have written off. Ochre experience of a person who lives in London, when he went to meet Pakistan, sudden severe pain in the chest, was later test conducted in hospitals, three of his heart has been severely clogged, bypass surgery needs to be done.

Surgery time is a month, and during this period, he went to see a Muslim State Hakim-exclusive to the ancient healers. Hakim was at home by himself to make a diet, he ate for a month. A month later, he went to check at the same hospital, found three arteries clean, clogging the place was full.

He is a devout Muslim, in order to allow more people to benefit from, sharing his own experiences on the Web, he has two blood vessels before and after photos on the Internet, in the photos, taken before and after diet, respectively, even ordinary people see it.
Materials: an equal amount of lemon juice, Ginger Sauce, garlic sauce, all a cup of Apple Cider vinegar, honey and moderate.
Two chunks of lemon and a half three-head and a small bottle of Apple Cider vinegar with garlic ginger practice: 1, garlic peeled, ginger, peeled and cut into small pieces, into juicer juice together, or put in Blender pulp, with mesh screening, hand wring out juice.
2, place garlic, ginger into a pot, add lemon juice and Apple Cider vinegar, rolling fire, Cook with small fire, do not cover the lid and moisture evaporates, it takes about half an hour, about half of the remaining juice.
3, after the temperature down, adding sugar, stir carefully, sugar amount, mainly tablespoon juice is easy. Finished in a glass jar with a lid, placed in the refrigerator.
A spoon before breakfast every day taken on an empty stomach. Eat a month later went to the hospital to get checked, will find the blood vessels clean, clogging the place was full. Must be saved! You must go! Getting through blood vessels the formula, to my dear people try!

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