Saturday, June 7, 2014

On China today

There are much too much news on China. China is #2 in economy but #1 in trading due to the US's economy can be self sufficient - more so than China. Improving one country's living standard is more important to be #1. It is absurd to use a yardstick for developed countries to measure China, a developing country.

* 7% is a good target and it should be lowered gradually when China is moving up the product value chain and becoming a developed economy.

* Based on our high living standard coupled with generous welfare and rising min. wage, we have to abandon our manufacturing to other low-wage countries at least the low-tech manufacturing. No one can change the tide that has become a Tsunami right now.

* We have limited China from acquiring our failing industries based on security reason that does not make sense. It is bad for the company involved and bad for the workers involved. We are accustomed to throw the biggest stone on our own  toe and never learn from the pain.

* WhatApps and Beat are some of the problems of our corporate culture. No one wants to be innovative or even to be copycat as it takes too much risk. I do not blame them when Microsoft has provided so many examples.

* One Loser + One Loser = Two Losers in the case of Radio Shack merging with another company. Simple maths!

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