Friday, June 6, 2014


Normandy could be the best military operation in recent history. Building a port at sea is genius. The chance of success was very slim, but it worked.

After WW2, US became the wealthiest country for decades as all its competitors were damaged and the US was flooded with refugees with skills and the will to work hard. As a contrary, many new immigrants today look where are the welfare offices on the first day of arrival or the first day they will be legalized.

Thanks to all veterans then and now. We need to treat them better!


 My friend's late father-in-law was there with most of the crew in the landing ship not surviving. 

Without Normandy landing, we may not have the A-bombs and the war could drag on and more Asians would suffer. All Asians with the exception of the Japanese should thank the US veterans. God bless America!!!

Taiwan did. They have reunions to thank the flying tigers (not too many surviving now) transporting supplies to central China during WW2. I was a little upset that my room in the best hotel was given to these American veterans during the reunion. Now, I am glad and thankful they did.

I used to give out my books free to veterans who ask for them. Now, the veterans and their immediate family members can send me your email address to and I can loan you my books (one at a time and there is no limit in no. of books) for 14 days due to a restriction with  

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