Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On wars

Wars are not good to life and our economy (which in turn affects life).

* All the body bags coming back and the mentally damaged and/or bodily damaged veterans are bad and wars violate the uttermost import human right.

* Wars boost up some industries (those in offense), but in general it is bad for the economy in the long term (15 or so years). In my books, I suggested the reason for secular bear market and secular bull market is the result of a major war or wars (Vietnam in the 1960 and the current Middle East wars) and the lack of a major war.

It is too expensive to be the world policeman. Learn from the Soviet Union on Afghan and French on Vietnam. If we do not learn from history, we will repeat them. 

If we sent the children of our leaders to the front line, I bet we do not have even one war.

It is unfair to send young kids who do not really understand all the global issues and most likely they could not spell the country's name they are sent to. They should enjoy the best time in their life either in college or new jobs. The college graduates should have a good job instead of waiting tables for years.

Killing is not glorious.

Forcing others to accept our democracy is plain stupid.

Protecting our interest is our excuse (how many oil we save in the current two wars).

Boosting our 'prestige' by killing is no difference from Hitler or the imperial Japanese emperor in WW2.

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