Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We do not hate the poor but the rich

Actually we hate the rich more. It is human nature to hate those who accomplish more than us. 

The recent example is the owner of Clippers. We ignore all his contributions to the society, especially his deeds to minority. First he was set up for sure. Have we all said something we did not mean to under certain circumstances? Let the one who has no prejudice (again, a human nature) throw the stone at him. The punishment does not fit the 'crime'. 

Why the minority comedians can say something bad about their own race and get away with laughs? We have double standard in and it makes our society more oppressive. There is nothing to do with racial discrimination. 

The poor accuse the rich not to set up stores and supermarkets in their neighbor. With all the looting, do you blame them?

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