Saturday, May 24, 2014


Cisco is fine short-term considering all the devices and potential devices connected to the network.

Longer term is cloudy:

1. They do not have LTE 4G. Even if they have it soon, it is a little late.

2. You cannot depend on the US government to stop the Chinese routers that are cheaper on security issue that is not valid as you already have traffic routed to Chinese routers.

It angers the Chinese too by limiting their products (some are competitive); so the US sales folk do not care about their own Chinese sales folks.

3. The major problem is the development cost when 5 Chinese engineers work on the same project as 1 American engineer with the same payment for 5.

4. A company does not protect their own products (let Chinese steal it) does not have good management.

I hope it will change as I own the stocks too.

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