Saturday, May 24, 2014

China mobile phones

I wrote not too long ago: Russia gas would go to China to ease the EU boycott. Now, I do not know how the EU gets the gas (from US?)

In 10 years or so, China will become #1 (at least in quantity) in mobile phone passing US and S. Korea. They already have cheap, smart phones with all the basic features. Chinese market is huge and Indian and other secondary markets will be next for them to attack.

The US market is the gem but it will not be here as many lawsuits for violating their technology (hey, we have the best lawyers money can buy) even some of our technology (not Apple) is behind. The 4GL phone technology is based on 2GL and 3GL.

While the Orientals (Japan, Korea and Hong Kong) are watching TV from the cell phones for years during commutes, we're still using 3G technology and reading books (nothing wrong with that esp. my books). It is due to the big corporations like Cisco force our government to slow down LTE 4G which is 10 times faster than the current network. When we cannot compete, our lawyers and government can. Only 3 companies have LTE 4G to build network: Huawei, Ericsson and ALU (French but with Lucent).

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