Friday, May 23, 2014

Market noises

esterday I mentioned about the noises in China, and today about the same in Europe.

Predictably (usually correct but not always), the market recovers in two years after the plunge. To illustrate, the market plunge of 6-2000 would recover in 6-2002; the market plunge of 8-2007 would recover in 8-2009. Not too far from the real dates.

Europe is harder to predict as the debts affect too many countries (i.e. no real commander to fix the problem) and now we've Russian invasion. The way to predict is via technical indicator.

It is all about market timing. Talking about this topic, I am virtually giving a concise version to my friends.

Why we have market noises?

The readers you like market noises that promotes the advertisers to tell the media to do so.

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