Friday, May 2, 2014

Joke but real

                                ###   Real joke   ###
My six-year old grandson called the library about the availability of the book Mine Craft. The lady told him that only Mine Craft for Dummies was available. He told her it was not for him as he was not a dummy.

My dumb thoughts after a few laughs:

From the eyes of a dummy (that’s me), the dummy thinks he is not a dummy most likely is no dummy. Hence, logically we are both not dummies. However, if the dummy argues he is not a dummy due to his young age and was born naively dumb is a dummy. :)

I feel the word dummy has just been over-used by dummies like me. Right?

From my friends:

Don't you just love the way kids see through all the BS and tell it like it is?  

At the firm I formerly worked for, the 'old man' had a popular saying -- "in any deal, if you don't know who the dumb money belongs - it's probably yours".

That was one of favorite parts of teaching Pre-K for 10 years...honesty from the children, much to the embarassment of their parents at times! Eye opening to watch children act like their parents while playing in the toy kitchen...some wonderful stuff and language to match!  

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