Monday, June 30, 2014

The sequel to Debunk the Myths in Investing

From July 4 for a week or so, my book "Investing Strategies: Updated and Profitable", the sequel to "Profitable St "Debunk the Myths in Investing: Final Version" (click here for more description ), will be on sales. The price will gradually return to the normal price  which is still a bargain. It is risk-free (check's return policy).

It has over 230 pages. If you find the first book is useful, read the description before ordering the second book. If you already have the first book, order this book during the promotion as there may not be a similar promotion. 
You can have any of my ebook free if you write a review on either book at When the review is posted, send me a message to and tell me which ebook  you want me to send you.

These offers are for limited time and most likely they will not be repeated. This blog will be deleted too as the offers might damage my selling these two books at regular prices, which are still bargains. The above offers are for Kindle version only. Kindle reader is available in almost all platforms including iPad and Windows.

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