Monday, August 1, 2016

Seeds falling on fertile soil will prosper

“Excellent book (Complete the Art of Investing I guess), recommend to all investors… great knowledge. It's fine tuned my investing strategies… Your book is hard to set aside, as I read it all the time learning good techniques and analysis of stocks, ETF...” - Aileron, July, 2016.

It is hard to satisfy all readers as everyone's knowledge, background, risk tolerance... are different. This reader has the right idea to integrate his (or her) current strategies with what he learns from my (or any) books on investing.

Will take a break on books and be back to investing and other tasks. The father of modern trading died losing most of his money. He did not follow his own preaching. Do not want to commit the same error.

Most books are close to final. Will upgrade them less frequently. I write books for fun. So far, all book profits (they're very small)  are donated to charities. If you find the books are useful, please write a review in

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