Tuesday, August 2, 2016

One Loser + One Winner

Yahoo! is a broken company. It cannot compete in all major fronts. I blamed Microsoft for sleeping for the last 10 years but I blame Yahoo! for doing too much for the last 10 years.Why? Most 'enhancements' include bugs and errors that make the old systems look like a saint. Doing nothing could be the best for the company.
The only 'achievement' for the investors was the x-CEO bought a stake in Alibaba (and the 40 thieves) and he was Xed. Make a sound statement of the direction of the board.
I can see VZ is a sucker. VZ is not a tech company with the expertise. It is a regulated business and the culture is like that. When I worked for them, I was the technical star as they do not have real technicians except those negotiators to buy technologies. Accountants never understand technologies - how many of them run high-tech companies without bringing them down?

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