Friday, August 19, 2016

On today's financial news

* Only 3 companies have LTE 4GL for network. Ericsson is one. It is hard to compete with Chinese based on the cheap labor, educated citizens and huge internal market. If the US lifts the ban against Chinese routers (similar to ZTE), Cisco will have a hard time to compete with Huawei.
* CXW is the victim how government policy changes. I had it a while ago. It was a few of my multi bagger. Sold it and it still rocketed. Now as Newton said, what goes up must come down.

* All the countries have to go thru the 'copy' stage on her road to a developed country. Japan, S. Korea... were. Eventually they have to protect IP in order to stay ahead - I believe China is moving to this stage.
Even the US were briefly in the colonial days. That's why Dickens was furious on us. BTW, we had not paid Hilter for using their technology. The US has several advantages: lots of natural resources, staying isolated from the WW2 (good timing too), welcoming immigrants...

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