Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Olympics and China

I'm going to open a cupping salon or a franchise if it works. I remember all the Chinese restaurants made great money after Nixon returned from China. They're the best promoters. The technicians will be licensed (by me), beautiful (using my own yardstick), money back if it does not work (I'll suck them in the opposite direction). Look for my franchise near you named Cup the Pain. Ladies will be free with 2 cups for the first time.

Prediction: US will be #1 in gold and in total medals followed by China.

I cheer for the countries to win their first medal. It could lift the spirit of a nation. It is more practical than Mao telling his starving citizens that they're #1.

Fu, the silver medalist, had the best summary: "Try the best and enjoy the game." It is from her heart, not sth the coach told her to say "Thanks for the couch and country." What a change to individualism and self expression in China.

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