Thursday, August 11, 2016

On today's financial news

* Retail is a tough business. If you count the top 10 retail chains 10 years ago, you do not find many survived. Macy's was almost bankrupted if not rescued by a rich Hong Kong business man. Will see more Chinese are coming in retails to the US. Amazon is losing some luster with shipping charges and state sales taxes.

* The robots in Wall Street do not ask for any bonuses or vacations.

* Vote the lesser of two devils. Some suggested to vote besides the two. It will not work:  that one will not be elected and you lose the choice of voting the lesser of the two devils.

* The money counters in most major corporations do not care about the computer systems. You get what you paid for. They should have a backup system in another city. Today every thing is connected; it is a hazard and also an opportunity.

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