Wednesday, August 17, 2016

On today's financial news

Tony Pow , Contributor
A lot of news on China.
* I own the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank - one of top global banks. It may move its headquarter again. British unemployment rate will rocket in coming years.
* Brazil depends on the oil price and China is the largest importer. The theory of better education and wealthier the country does not work for Brazil for a long while (Philippines is the opposite example).
* SZ-HK link does not mean a lot. It would reduce the price differences of companies listed in these two exchanges. SZ is the Silicon of the East and the factory for high-tech company for the world. If you have invented a high tech product, most likely you want to assemble there - most components such as batteries, cables...are available next street beside cheaper labor and the huge internal market.
Deng had his good insight to transform it from a fishing village about 30 or so years ago. You could have make a fortune if you invest every stock in the exchange despite many total losers. The housing is also skyrocketed literally.
* Macau's casinos should be better after the opening of the bridges connecting mainland China and Hong Kong - it is one of the most important global projects. The Chinese government demonstrates regulations could kill a sector - most whalers are not showing up in the sea in Macau.
* AH teaches us many lessons in investing. Will update my book on this.

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