Wednesday, August 17, 2016

On Cisco's layoff

We no longer compete in many sectors. High tech is the one that we should hold on. Hope Cisco is not the tip of an iceberg.

- Too many regulations to protect our workers.
- We're the victims of our own success as everyone demands higher salary.
- Our welfare is too generous. With all the entitlements, US is BANKRUPTed if it is a company and we would sell our assets.
- We will be left behind if we protect our environment and the lab 'mice'.
- All those 'left no one behind' our empty shout by ignorant leaders. We no longer have NASA and our astronauts have to learn Russian (Chinese in 10 years).
- Our debts will be paid back in generations and it will lessen our competitive edge.Just to0 many to list.

We have to redo our political system and balance the budget as outlined in my blog.

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