Friday, August 5, 2016

Random rants on today's financial news

* I prefer quarter of prior year than quarter of last quarter for stocks due to seasonal adjustment. Commodities in the previous quarter was really bad but today they are getting worse. Indonesia's 5% is fine but not great compared to China's 10% (not any more) for a long while.

* Usually the host country of Olympics does good in the market next year after the event. There are exceptions but they have a good reason such as Greece, a small country that should not host a world event. Brazil really depends on the oil price next year.

* The future of employment looks dim in the long run: 1. computers and robots. 2. globalization (you can outsource all functions of a corporation to foreign countries) and 3. high expenses in running businesses in the US.If the youths do not have a marketable skill (plumbers and electricians are marketable), they should prepare to flip burgers (I guess that is why they have Burger University LOL) and collect welfare.

Every generation has its problems, but this problem is hard to fix.They are talking about returning jobs to the US. It is all BS as the $20 wage can never compete with $1 per hour. Apple returns some jobs, but it is used to cover their real face of making money.

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