Thursday, October 27, 2016

On today's financial news

* When I can order a 32 G for my camera for $10, I know the chip makers including several I own are in trouble with over capacity. I have some winners and they attribute the successes to Apple and other mobile technologies.

* Apple's stock takes a break from the delay of a product and it could be a buying opportunity. I sold my Apple before the Samsung's self-destruct feature - you cannot predict that without a time machine.

* While it is doing good now, Britain will experience the pain due to Brexit when many HQs move to Europe mainland.

* China's GDP will move to the 5% range as it is not a developing country any more. 10% is only sustainable for a developing country in its initial stage and the inflation rate is high.

* Opposite to the names, all trade agreements are used to disagree and/or exclude countries not joining the agreement. TPP (typo?) is used to exclude China and it may not be possible.

Free trade should not have any trade agreement: and we should buy the best offered by any country at the least cost as long as all the players play the game fairly (such as no product dumping).

* One problem of changing policy due to changing political party is the cost. No policy is perfect but we need to enhance or fix it. It is a waste of money and effort to change it when it was not invented here. This is one problem of a two-party system. We spend too much time in arguing on who is on top.

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