Thursday, October 20, 2016

2017, an interesting year

I would assign Bill running the intern program and redefining terms such as 'inhale' and 'sex' in our modern dictionary. Chelsea of course will run the Foundation and issue generous checks to Bill for his speeches on health and how to cheat successfully (a poster boy to many). The less assignment to Hillary, the better the country will be. If she loses, she will be in the big house instead of the white house. Donald will lecture on how to pay NO taxes (I've been paying far too much and I'm stupidly honest). His lawyer will be busy. The only ones I enjoy most are Ivanka and Trump's daughter as I am very shallow by any measure.

We have forgotten many important issues such as balancing the budget, sending our children to schools without afraid of being shot at...

I've many 'likes' for the above in Seeking Alpha, an investing site and a site I waste my life on esp. when the market is too risky. LOL.

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