Thursday, October 20, 2016

News repeats itself

* The bonds from the Middle East should be fine once the oil price returns to the previous level (I bet it will). These countries have a lot of coconuts in my Coconut Theory. I bet they cannot diversify into other sectors; beside coconuts they have nothing.
* If the two small mobile companies are not allowed to merge, there will be a slow death unless there is a miracle.
* Wells Fargo was thought to be 'well' managed, but not; my eye glasses were broken. It belongs to many companies whose management is blinded by greed and stupidity. It includes VV, Samsung...
* Predict the economy of Australia by the rise/fall of China as it is the money source for them.
* EU is always trying to squeeze money from US companies. Should it be a family affair?
* I like Nestle products esp. they're moving to healthy choices. It is more successful than marketing in the US.
* A high tech company always builds the next better mouse trap and its stocks fluctuates. Nintendo is another example.
* Tesla has to tell me how to fix the 'detours' in the driver-less cars. The stock belongs to the rocket stocks and I have a way to handle it.

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