Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dear cousin,

It seems your email has been hacked. I cannot believe this old trick is still being used. A world full of suckers and stupid cheaters! Try sth new and be inventive. When you use 'Hi' instead of 'Hi Tony", your credibility plunges 100%.


Hope this email finds you well. I traveled to Manila, Philippines for an urgent function. However, the chip on my credit card was confirmed damaged as it was unable to transfer fund or pay any of my bills. Am wondering if you can spare me $2,290 USD? I will refund you the money in few days as soon as I return back. Please get back to me asap if you can.

With regards,
Right away I sent $5,000 (just in case you need more). So, you owe me $5,000. Please refund me when you return to the USA. Let me know why $2,290, not $2,300 and how the chip was damaged. Just curious. I bet you will not send me the $5,000 as you're smarter than the cheater and the cheatee.

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