Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A taste of Ireland (recycled)

If Ireland contributed to culinary the same as their folk songs and dances to the world, we would have a great treat. Unfortunately it is not. We went to Crack Bird. The atmosphere was romantic (i.e. dark). It is fitting in Cantonese, as it is roughly translated as “calling prostitutes”. “Crack” is fitting in English if you refer to the special spices in the chicken. In Irish, it means “well done” that I do not agree. When I see the Chinese cold noodle and Chinese sources options in the menu, I should have run away as fast as I can. The best of ‘$’ restaurants is not good enough for me. I may have to move to ‘$$’ restaurants here or I should have eaten in KFC in the next block.
The reputation is saved by Fitzpatrick’s in our day trip to Moher’s Cliff. The salmon is the best I ever have. It is tasty with the source, generous in portion and very tender. It is cafeteria food at its best.
For a small dinner after this day trip, we went to Mr. Stir Crazy. An old but young-looking man cooked in front of the store window like some ladies selling their stuffs in Europe. It is the simplest way to order: Choose the noodle, the sauce and the meat (or no meat) and pay $6 Euro. I asked him whether he was Chinese. He told me he was but did not look like one now after many facial operations. It is satisfying as I had more Euro left after the hot meal, but it could be I had been too long without Chinese food.
Here is my theory why Irish food is just so-so. I believe Irish did not have good supply of food except the potato which the best chef cannot do much. For many centuries, food here served as a need for survival and not for enjoyment. Irish may have spent too much time in their wonderful folk songs and dances. After the strenuous dances, all foods are good I guess. I hope this post will not offend my friends with the last names starting with “Mc” or “O’”.

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