Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Insourcing jobs?

I watched the two candidates on bringing back jobs to America esp. on Apple. It is not feasible.

1. Where can we get the rare elements for the iPhones?
2. How to force thousands of workers to work long hours for a new phone? Robots will help but they will not create jobs here.
3. How to get the 40,000 technicians for the 'slave' wages? Look at our K-12 education system.
4. How to solve all our regulations to 'protect' our workers and give them decent wages that are many times their counter parts?

The list is written in the first sip of coffee and it could be endless. The proposed trade agreement tries to exclude China but it includes other low-wage countries such as Vietnam. When iPhone moves to Vietnam, we have to find rare earth elements and the largest mobile phone market will exclude iPhone. We use to find the biggest stone to hit on our own toes. Sigh.

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