Monday, March 2, 2015

Tandy Computer

* Globalization connects economies of many countries. Greece is not an important partner except for its olives, tourism and shipping. Hence, it is not making a big dent. However, most countries are not doing good and most if not all depreciate their currencies to save their economy.

* From the stock market, China is doing very good in the past year. FXI almost doubles our SPY. The P/E is artificially low but it is fine compared to its historical P/E. However, Newton's Law of Gravity never fails. Some do not laugh at this joke and they should check in the closest clinic for lacking a sense of humor.

* The bankruptcy law works for Radio Shack. I bet they're unloading and/or closing stores. I worked for myself writing software for Tandy computer. I was surprised my co-worker from one of my jobs remembered my one-man company Micro Architect. R.I.P.

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