Monday, March 2, 2015

Random rants

* HSBC is one of the top 3 banks. Its position depends on how you rank banks. I'll do some evaluation as it could be a buy. It is not too bad compared to all the banks in the world in fines. Remember the Lehman Brothers issuing the mini bonds (risky derivatives) in HK. The investors got them paid back from the issuing banks.

The folks from Shanghai formed (or moved from my vague memory) in HK and then moved its headquarter to London before the takeover. In the early days, it had a lot of cash from Chinese in S.E. Asia where the governments were not stable and many discriminated against the Chinese. It is a case that you cannot control the country's economy without influencing the politics.

* I do not know how Apple can fix the battery problem of iWears. If I have to charge it every day (or twice a day), it would not function as a basic watch. Only stupid folks would buy a $3,000 watch that does not function as a $10 watch. Be careful on the Apple stock price in 2016 or after this major problem surfaces.

The second problem Apple faces is the urge of upgrade. If my phone works fine with all the functions I need, do I line up in the cold for hours to upgrade another phone to 'boost' productivity/enjoyment (actually the dumb ego).

Investing in Apple is different from loving Apple products. Do not get confused.

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