Monday, March 2, 2015

Random rants again

* Every country cuts the interest rate to boost export. It is not good for the economy and the living standard of the country in the long run.

* Blackberry will be acquired by Samsung or a Chinese phone maker. It has valuable patents and customer base (so far). With Radio Shack and even Sears [Update: this blog was copied from my blog at Seeking Alpha and at that time Radio Shack has not been announced bankrupted]., they're bad cat bounces - buy them at the bottoms and sell them when they bounce. A technique I would have made a lot of money in the last 10 years but I'm a scary cat myself.

What is Blackberry and AMD have in common? Both are bankrupting and are trying to be rescued by Asia American CEO and probably by a company from Asia. The Chinese American CEO changed job from AMD to Blackberry.

* The fall of casinos stocks and the rise of FXI teaches up one thing: Fundamentals work. FXI from my SA article on China was 9 and now it is around 10 (still low).

* Recycle an old job. The new company' name when the two dollar stores merge is "Two Dollars Now

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