Monday, March 2, 2015

Random rants

* NYC and the surrounding towns are fine with about 5" of snow. New England is the Epic Center now. The snow is not wet and heavy, so we do not have the number of blackouts as predicted.

* Some expect the oil goes below $30. I'm an optimist and expect it will go back to 60 by year end. No matter what happens, we cannot predict the bottom but I believe it will be up due to the improving economy and the increasing population. What's comes down must go up (Newton's reverse gravity :)). I bet on several oil stocks including PBR.

* Warned many times on Microsoft. I sold my shares. You cannot milk the Windows and Office cow forever. A high-tech company without successful, innovative products is a company without soul. You cannot dreaming on how to spend your stock options and bonuses all day now. It is a prime example of my Coconut Theory (if you have too many coconuts, you do not work and sleep under a coconut tree for ever and become STUPID).

* The cruise industry should be saturated with so many big new ships. Asia is a good frontier. The prime route is Shanghai, Hong Kong and South East Asia. The secondary route extends to Indonesia and Australia. If we do not have another disaster, it should be a profitable venture. I like the Chinese cruisers and the food but cannot stand the bad public behavior of the rich Chinese. You do not gain others' respect for showing how rich you're but how you behave in public.

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