Monday, March 2, 2015

Random rants again

* Germany is leading the recovery of EU. The French is living a fine life with the wealth from past years. Do you believe folks working for 30 hours a week achieve the same as folks working 50 hours a week in the long run? I hate to buy French stocks as there are special charges for foreigners.

* We do not need all the non-productive (and many cases corrupt) workers in the Wall Street. Many stock analysis can be done off shore.

Same as the lawyers. In many cases, they're the Robin Hoods in reverse.

* The new battery technology is still being developed at MIT. When it is a commercial product, it would change the world. In the mean time, buying an expensive electric car raises your dumb ego and harm the environment due to spending the excessive sum for a car.

* The government should have intervened in the west coast strike long time ago. It affects too many folks and businesses

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