Thursday, March 12, 2015

India vs China

A good article.

I added my comment:

If you think China is corrupt, India is many times more corrupt.

For the last 25 years, China has leaped forward while India stays about the same for many reasons:

1. Population too high (China is high but it is better controlled). The limited resources have been literally eaten up.

2. India suffers from the lack of infra structure (need electricity and road to start), protectionism (so they do not improve quality)... Except for a very few with their dumb nationalism, very few educated Indians from the US want to return to India; I do not blame them for waiting roads, houses... to be built. It may never be built enough in our generation.

3. Even for a democratic country, India has been with the loser Russia too long. Hopefully for India,  the US will play the India card to control China as they used to play the China card against the Russia.

India cannot even copy China's model by limiting a small coastal area for economic development. As a result, India lacks China in many ways. In term of airport, subway, high rises..., India's Tier I city cannot even compete with China's Tier III city.

However, Indians are happier than Chinese with less pressure in daily lives if you have a happy meter to measure it. When they start to rise, it would be China's situation 25 years ago. I like to see India to succeed to minimize the miseries over there.

Most folks think India is better than China as they have never been to these two countries.


The literacy rate is a joke for comparison.

Chinese means about 8 years (forget the exact no.) and Indian means you can write your name in any Indian language. Come on!!!

How can you be fat when most do not have anything to eat. Some live on less than $1 a day.

Of course, there is less pollution if you do not have industry. However, India's water supply has more problems than China's which is not good.

A country too dedicated to religion is good mentally but not good financially.

Comparing too countries with similar populations seem to be relevant, but actually not. It is better to compare China with China 30, 20, 10 or 5 years ago. Same for India.


Road to wealth: "Build more roads and have fewer babies."

My SA article on China.

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