Monday, March 2, 2015


BABA has not been sorted out in any of my screens. Take a look from It is not fundamentally sound, esp. compared to the low P/E of FXI.

However, I do not bet against it. When you buy it, you're betting on the future such as Tesla, Amazon...It has about 10% cash but 50% debt. I prefer Buy Low and Sell High. It is quite high already even after its recent descend (after the honeymoon). There will be more selling from the insiders after the restriction on new IPOs.

Repost a joke and hope it will not offend anyone.

Jack Ma of Alibaba is a smart man who can control and change his destiny despite all the setbacks and how little he inherited (I'm not talking about his look). The richest man in China cannot improve his look and health. In addition, money cannot buy everything including job satisfaction, respect, happiness, freedom, and clean air to name a few.

A good piece on him was seen on 60 Minutes. The following is a follow-up.

Are Alibaba and the 40 thieves (IPO writers, bankers, buy-side analysts, hedge funds…) stealing in the global markets?

Some memorable quotes from Jack.

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