Friday, September 9, 2016

On today's news

* Are all these bank problems have the root from Lehman Brothers in 2008?
* Still have news from Vietnam and many forgotten stories of the citizens there and the veterans. Does Vietnam threaten the world today? Too many wrong wars and too many wasted resources not including to many lives destroyed.
We have more problems here to fix such as water and police/black conflicts. Sending soldiers to distance far, far away is never heard of (from a Chinese saying). The last phase of war is by foot soldiers and we never show we can since WW2.
* Does N. Korea think it is the only country that has nuclear weapons?
* With 4 T reserve, China will ease out the global recession with a bang. The best economical and reliable rockets are for China, a country that cannot build a reliable bicycle in the 50s.
Check out the link for your entertainment and check your culture meter. The second part consists of Western music and dances. I "chromcast' it to a big TV. Thank me for sending you free tickets for your entire family.

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