Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Many questions than answers on today's news

* I bet Mon acquisition by Bayer will not be approved by the US government.
* "Existential threat" or "Exitential threat"? EU is a good idea but not thought out. It should be just a trade union and use USD as its secondary currency (great for tourists). No one took the free consulting service from TP Corp. :<
* MYL is manipulating the drug price but not GILD. A tale of two drug companies?
* $159 for ear plug? Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs and the entire market department must be on vacation.
* As posted yesterday, do not solely blame the first level of bankers as they have to follow the order of higher ups who set up unrealistic quota. Does it sound familiar with Lehman Brothers?
* Since 2013 and after so many launches, China (a country that could not build a reliable bicycle in the 50s) has only one recent crash. It has the most economical and reliable rockets. Depending on Space-X's IT security, China can have the technology to recycle space stuffs soon.

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