Thursday, September 1, 2016

On today's financial news

* It is not easy to make solar panels profitable without tax credits and bans on foreign import.
* Missed the Pokemon Go. Should buy the stock on the first news. Even in a risky market good opportunities occur.
* EU always try to squeeze some milk from the US cows. Should have headquartered in some Caribbean island. Ireland loses many potential headquarters.
* BREXIT has permanent adverse effect. A day gain will not cover the potential losses. Preventing more refugees and paying Greece and other debts have a price. I did not think they would exit but it did due to too many ignorant voters. They should check their IQ before their votes are counted.
* China and Asia still have a lot of cash reserves. Some millionaires buy distressed properties and become billionaires in Hong Kong. Remind me of the oil money and the Yen buying US assets; they are not doing great.
* Some in PR wanted to be kings and queens. Without the US help, they should be drowning. We have money to throw away until we have none. When the host dies, the parasites will die too.
* Before Trump, my solution is punishing the employers not the illegals, who do the jobs no one wants. How to prevent folks from digging a small tunnel below the Stupid Wall?

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