Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Am I racist?

When I talked about the problems of the black, I would be likely called racist. If they do not know about the problems, how can they fix them. So, most likely the problems have to be fixed by the black. Despite all this, I have to say they have to start education in the family. With multi-generations of teen age mothers and high % of male in prison, the future does not look good.
If you have a museum for white, you will be called racist. But, one for black is OK.
Same for making racist jokes. Fine with the black on black, but not white on black.
The editor of China Airline magazine had to apologize to the Indians, Africans...of telling her readers not to visit some part of London due to high crime. It is true that many mentioned minorities reside there. It would be very innocent as they've not deal with minorities that much.
Undoubtedly, the white had done sth wrong by slaving the black. But, that is decades ago.
Besides some bad apples, police are doing great job at the risk of their lives.
Do you call me racist or white lover?

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