Monday, January 11, 2016


* Am I a winner? I bought 5 tickets and none has a match of any number. What is the odd?
* We're all winners enjoying what we will spend with our billion until reality strikes. It sure is an ice breaker to strangers especially I promise him a million and the beautiful ladies if I win. I am just so generous. If you do not believe me, I can show you my ticket.

* In a birthday party last night, we have a pool for the next big one and dream again. If $2 can buy you sweet dream, it is the best money we've spent and the lottery folks should deserve a Nobel prize (more deserving than Obama's for doing nothing).

* If you do not want to share your lottery prize, try not to pick numbers from 1 to 30 (29 is OK) to skip the birthday numbers especially the 1 to 12 the months.

Two ways for a sure win.

1. Go to the local lottery office and ask to buy all combinations with a check dated today. It worked for yesterday. If you have more than one winner (or someone using the same trick described here), you may have to skip town.

2. Borrow my time machine which is being repaired or the car from "Back to the Future".

Have a good day and continue your dream.

P.S. The value of the $2 ticket = The top prize / (combinations)

With several assumptions such as the other prizes, assuming 50% tax bracket and state taxes,

the approximate face value = 500 M /250M = $2 about the same as the ticket price.

I must have too much free time!


  1. One I can say for sure, you very good imagination, cool. Thanks for the suggestions. As for me, winning Powerball is something requiring too much luck. Can you be one of 285 millions? Hardly. That's why I prefer playing with better odds like those in Thunderball. 1 in 8 millions is more realistic.

  2. One can never know his or her luck for sure. Sometimes it gives 1 chance in 8 millions, sometimes 1 in 292 million but sometimes it won't even give 1 in 2. But surely enough, if you are not in it you will not be a winner. Moreover it will not a big waste to spend several dollars from time to time to play the biggest lottos over the counter or online at WinTrillions review for example.

  3. As far as I understand I will have to pay the extra fee to play Powerball online. According to the official website the ticket is priced 2 dollars while it will be charged $5.7 at Icelotto review for instance. So $3.7 is the fee for the agents services. It seems not that much if compared to the travelling expenditures to go to USA, buy in fact it is 3 times more.