Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I'm biased

Saw the last Meridith's show (recorded) today. I have to say I'm shallow and biased.  At least I'm honest, so I cannot be a politician.

I have never used to the guy mentioning his (or her to be correct) husband.

I've never used to see the lady that huge on TV even I have a 55" TV.

However, I like Meridith even she is 'old' for entertainers.

When I talk about Chinese issues, I have to say "I'm naturally biased". In Hong Kong where I grew up, we always like ladies with fair complexion, and hence I'm biased against the colored folks. In Hong Kong, the colored folks are also Chinese, so it is not racial discrimination but color discrimination.

I like profiling as contrary to what the society preaches. I may not ride the plane when I see several young males from the Middle East (Indians have the same look too) boarding the same plane. I do not jog in the middle of the night in a high-crime area.

Is it a crime or just for my own protection? I know I have to control my bias especially not to pass it to the next generation even unintentionally.

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