Friday, January 29, 2016

30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster

In order to make the shuttle project economically attractive, the decision makers had to dump the rocket technology in delivering satellites. Big mistake: no exit strategy when the shuttle did not work.

Now we dumped NASA. Another mistake. It also destroys the dreams of science and maths. students. Now, no one is left behind except the smart ones.


Ironically China could deliver the satellites for the US at the least cost and very reliably (they have no reported crash after the US satellite crash using the Chinese rocket long time ago. The problem was detected by a U.S. company and since then there is no crash.

China could not build a reliable bicycle in 1950. During the witch hunt of communists, the father of Chinese missiles went back with the working knowledge and their space program is progressing like a turtle and guess who is the winner in the turtle and hare race.

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