Thursday, January 7, 2016

A comment I have to agree. LOL.

I have to agree with this first comment on my new book Complete the Art of Investing. I'm naturally biased. A good comment means all the gold in the world to me. I still have a lot to improve in my writing skills - English is not my native language and I have not written more than 2 pages in my IT career. Thanks to JB for this review you can find in BTW. I do not know any reviewers including JB and many reviews (not mine) were obviously written by friends.

There will be no promotion as the price of $10 is already a big bargain for a 800 pages (6*9) book.


I just bought this book due to the woes of opening market 2016 and being brand new to investing, my eyes were crossed with all the different reasons we are were we are and what one can do to "manipulate the market".

I skipped ahead to his chapter book 14, Investment Advices just to get a feel of his writing style. His research is phenomenal and doesn't overwhelm with big words or catchy "sales-like" tactics.

I truly believe this ordinary man, Mr. Tony Pow has a gift of explaining his experience as an investor without the bull crap of trying to make you buy his stuff. He seemingly just wants to share his knowledge, tips, and clarity of definitions for the kind of folks like me who want to understand something FIRST before jumping in with emotions of trying to make a boat load of money. I am liking the technical analysis side he brings.

I also bought his inexpensive book, A Nation of No Losers. Literally, I can not give him enough credit for his plain English and perspective on US relations with China. Thank you Mr. Pow.
Mr. Tony Pow talks about hidden gems in his book, well....quite frankly, he is a hidden gem. Thank you and I will also post my comments about this author to my Facebook page!

-- JB


  1. Mr. Pow's advice is very sound. My father who has invested for years (and has tried to get me to pay attention for the last 20) read a few pages of Tony's analysis and agrees. I acquired a little money recently and the goal is to save a little, give a little, spend a little. My goal is to do my part with educating myself on the strategy, willing to earn more than a freakin .06 earnings the bank pays you in interest. I am excited to share with Tony Pow my beginning and progress through this investment maze. I encourage others to also take time to educate themselves. Step away from the movies and tv shows just a couple hours a week and reposition your looking at the computer into something that may very well be a splendid future!!

    1. Thanks JD. I hope my children (about your age) follow your advice. It is the typical case that the children of the shoe maker do not have shoes to wear. My daughter is busy with her management job and the family while my son is a starving artist. Sigh!