Monday, January 4, 2016

DSLR cameras

When the market is risky in 2016, most likely I will spend my time in better stuffs in life such as my grand children (not stuff). Looked for cameras for my son. His need is minimal. However, he has a friend who is a professional photographer, so buying a good one would hopefully benefit him.

I prefer to buy Cannon so he can use my interchangeable lens (now only the prime lens for him). Here are the 3 selections from Best Buy today. All have T5 body and come with a 18-55 lens.

1. 75-300 lens and a cheap bag. $450.

2. 18-55 lens but with IS. $400.

3. 18-55 lens with IS and STM. $500. He should buy this one and borrow my 300 mm lens if he needs to.

Obviously, #3 is not cost effective unless STM (step motor) is $100 worth to you. Since STM makes almost no noise, it is better for videos.

We selected #1. #2 could be the one if IS (image stable) is important to you. I have used my 75-300 lens for two times for testing for the last few years.

The prime lens costing $100 or $110 with STM is great for sharp and fast picture without zooming. I would spend the extra $10 for STM. The original prime lens is 25 years old as there is not much you can do with this simple but great lens.

I have a T3 with an IS lens. The difference between T3 and T4 is small. T5 is about the same as T3i (not counting the extra M for resolution that most likely you do not need). Cannon just thinks you are willing to pay more with higher number. Either they are stupid or think the consumer is stupid, or the consumer is stupid.

For this money, today's DSLRs are great buy. Cannon has two lines of lens, one for consumers and one for professionals/rich folks. BTW. If there were an optical zoom (not counting the cheap add-on) for the cell phone, there is no need for point-and-shoot cameras.

BTW. Memory chip is cheap. The 32 GB only costs $18 comparing to paying $50 for 1 GB years ago. That's why my chip stocks are losing.

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