Monday, January 4, 2016

Our health

Expand on my friend's circulated article in the Facebook on harmful saturated fats. It does not need a Ph.D. to show us the results. Statistics never lie.

1. Being the frontier in health care, we have so many health problems comparing the 1900 decade to this generation. It is mainly due to the processed food. We also have so many deformed babies (could be due to the drugs like crack).

2. For more proof, watch the PBS's Defend of the Food (advocating produce) or read Dr. Campbell's book China Study (advocating a vegetarian diet).

3. Margarine is bad with all the chemicals and is a processed food disguised as health food.

Margarine strikes back.,,20509217,00.html

The second article is from a more reliable source.  My take is to use margarine with less chemicals and at the least amount as I can.

Besides eating fruits, vegetables and spies, we can reduce the chance of cancer - click here for more info.

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