Saturday, August 12, 2017

The fat boy

The fat boy from N. Korea is a paper tiger. How come all the N.Koreans are so skinny except this fat boy and the fat lady news anchor?

If they think they are the only country who has Fat Boy, think again. If he used his weapon, there will be no N.Korea on the map the next day. We should implement how to shoot down multiple warheads.

US is playing China card against N.Korea.

China is neutral if US attacks N.Korea. For the same reason, China expects the US to be neutral when they invade (or reunite with depending on your view) Taiwan. The stock market did not react too adversely so far. The war with China is a very different story.

China has given N.Korea too much aid. I bet some missile technology and support may be from China.

Currently, China is the beneficiary in this incident.

Update 8/14/2017. The market only lost 1% last week, so the incident does not do much to the market so far.

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