Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Beautiful Mexican ladies

My real personal experience with minor modifications.

Rudely I was wakened up by my housemates in college telling me to meet some beautiful Mexican ladies and make some money in the same time. Happily I brushed up and put on my Sunday dress. Unfortunately I was tricked to work in a farm picking oranges.Yes, there were some beautiful ladies but all had passed their prime decades ago.

For the entire hot morning, several of us filled up a crate that was higher than I It was the toughest job I ever worked; that’s why I watched every penny since then and now I watched every quarter.

We quit and we got paid $1 each. We used the dollar for a Smorgasbord (a popular Swedish buffet then). We became the soda machines (drinking too much soda) and the chicken bones piled up to the ceiling. Now I feel sorry for the owner. He must have taken a picture of us and would close the restaurant when he sees us coming in the future.

Except some exaggeration, it is real. Why Trump wanted to exclude the Mexicans coming in to take jobs no one (except the desperate Mexicans) wants is beyond my comprehension. For the same reasons, we have to issue more H-1B visas otherwise we cannot compete in many technical fields. However, we have to control and monitor.

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