Thursday, March 2, 2017

On today's financial news

* Do we have a secular bull market? From the valuation and the economy (esp. our wars are draining our economy), I do not think so. However, this can last for a long time. We have this non-correlation since 2010. What happens to the readers of a best seller telling us to leave the market due to so many bubbles? The trick is using technical indicators.

* SNAP is a momentum play but make sure you sell it before the insiders can.

* Venezuela has been in big trouble for a long time with long lines for everyday items. The country has given free oil to the poor in Mass. with one of the Kennedy - a reverse act of Robin Hood? BTW, the word 'Kennedy' used as an adjective in my unofficial dictionary means dying early.

* The decline could be due to many other Carribean (typo as told) islands are better tax shelter with no compulsory disclosures.

* Yahoo! gave big bucks to say good-bye to a CEO for doing a poor job. I have to open the window and yell Yahoo! or "I cannot stand it anymore."

* One Loser + One Winner = One Big Loser. How can SolarCity survive without tax credits?

* If the company does not care about your health and financial health, you do not care about the company. It applies to Coke, Pepsi, MCD, WFC, banks...

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