Friday, March 10, 2017

Drug kills

"Imagine that mole who has the info needed to keep a lid on the endemic drug usage by NFL players, many of whom hit retirement age by 30, and supposedly a high percentage suffer permanent brain damage - courtesy of their team medical staff."

I can tell you it is true for most sports and singers too. Just check how many athletes (singers too) and their children have health problems. They are far more than the average. With the newly legalized drugs, I expect it spreads to the rest of the population. How many deformed babies are caused by drugs.

The Brits pushed opium to China about 300 years ago for trading. Now it is our turn and it is pushed by our greed, enjoyment and politicians.

I do not care about Obamcare, Trumpcare... Please fix this critical problem at home before we want to conquer the world and force them to follow our culture (including drugs?)

Prevention is better than curing in any aspect.

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