Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mind Craft, iPad...

Here is old wine (jokes) into new bottom (post):

From my blog:
* My six-year old grandson called the library about the availability of the book Mine Craft. The lady told him that only Mine Craft for Dummies was available. He told her it was not for him as he was not a dummy.

* iGenerationAlmost everyone has an iPhone. Folks including myself in the lower class of the society carry imitators and/or those 'outdated' iPhones that are several months old. My grandchild of just over one year old had a good time in playing with the iPad and it usually kept her busy for hours. Before she could say Mom, she said “I” for iPad.

During my family gatherings, my cousins communicate with each other via their smart phones even when they sit next to each other. When they do not text messages, they play games with their smart phones. Even with one pair of eyes and one pair of ears, they can play iPad, listen to iPod and text using iPhone at the same time. Thanks Apple for demonstrating what multi tasking really is. I prefer to do one task correctly than several tasks incorrectly.

Chinese and Indian students are leaving us further behind by spending more time in study. Do you believe those children spending extra 2 hours every day in games would accomplish the same later in life?

Some parents have a hard time to explain to their children that their existence was due to the blackout of the iPad and iPhone caused by the hurricanes.

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