Saturday, March 4, 2017

Education (repeated ideas)

Education starts at home. With so many single-parent families and so many multi generation of teen-age mothers, have we set up ourselves as good examples?

The video games are Trojan horses from the east (so is fast food). If you believe our children can achieve the same as most Asians by playing two hours more a day, you believe in miracle.

Throwing money blindly into classroom does not help either, so are all the mottoes from our politicians.

We've a class of 45 with limited facilities, and my class achieves a lot with a doctor, a dentist, a pharmacist, a chief hospital administrator, a producer, a world-renown chef, MIT Ph.D... I'm the yellow sheep of my class. Our common motivation is: If you do not work hard, you will suffer later in life as NO one will bail you out.

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