Wednesday, July 2, 2014


First I should say the prejudice against me is seldom.

When two debate, most likely both are right in their own perspectives. We learn from each other. The number of 'likes' in Seeking Alpha sometimes shows racial discrimination, self admiring, or bias. After I pointed it out, they used shamelessly all kinds of excuses. Give me a break please and I was not born yesterday. I never want to use the 'racism' card to argue, but I do to mention it here once and only. It has happened too many times.

When both sides have good arguments, the number of 'likes' cannot be one sided. I recommended the debater to change his last name to a Chinese name and experience it first hand. From my experiences, there are at least 2 types of racists.

1. Old folks. They see Chinese with pony tails. Personally I know a lot. I never want to correct them. Hopefully they will bring their bias to their graves and hopefully they will not pass their bias to the next generation knowingly or unknowingly. I saw many losing their jobs and opportunities for speaking out from the hearts without realizing the consequences. Actually I argued for them as I do not think the punishment fits the 'crime'.

One time I was in the supermarket on Monday (a day most small restaurants close) in a neighborhood with a lot of Chinese, an old gentleman talked loudly to his wife "Why there are so many welfare cheaters here?" I was there to prepare my trip to NYC to fix some problems. Do I have to explain to this gentleman and ask for his permission to shop on a Monday afternoon?

2.  Uneducated folks. Many experiences and from my children too. One 'educated' teacher was eventually fired. He said he could not pronounce Chin's last name.

Discrimination is a bad human nature. I do not walk after night in a ghetto. It is based on past experience and not based on the color of the skin. There are too many real experiences. Check out my articles in Seeking Alpha and the comments and compare them to similar articles written not using a Chinese name.

That's why I enjoy investing. There is no bias, no discrimination, no office politics, and your success in the long run depends on your home work and techniques.

Enjoy the better things life offers without dealing with these biased folks.

Most of my initial buyers of my books have foreign names. The white do not think a foreigner can offer investing advices. It motivates me to improve my books as it is my weapon to fight discrimination.

Check out the following articles and you will identify folks are biased from the reactions to the two articles. My performance is doing far better than the stocks recommended by other article.

My article.

Another article on stock recommendation.

Be your own judge. To me, folks are wearing color eye glasses.

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