Monday, September 16, 2013

Thoughts on Jubilee Day

2012 is the year of Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Should the royal families be loved as publicized by the world? No, they're the parasites of societies to me. They have very few useful functions for any society today despite their fancy titles. They are sucking up the resources which should be given to the poor. How dare of they ask for monetary raises in a recession for doing nothing essential except for tourism to the betterment of Britain. It is like Robin Hoods in reverse. Who pay for the expensive 'celebration' for doing less? What an untimely approval of the selfish spending for the rich and powerful!

Chinese have suffered a lot from the decisions of the 'royal' families from Britain to Japan (next chapter).

The Opium Wars.

How outrageous is one nation pushing drugs to another nation? The Brits had had nothing desirable to trade with China’s porcelain, tea and silk. They discovered opium grown in India as a good trade. Queen Victoria stamped the seal of approval. China ignored the modernization of the Industrial Revolution and the advanced weapons / battleships coupled with the corruption of Empress Dowager Cixi.1

The Brits and the French burned the old summer palace for three days and three nights. They stole treasures, like uneducated barbarians and destroyed more as there were too much for them to lift.

Visit the ruins in Beijing for proof. You will be amazed by the scale and saddened even if you’re not a Chinese. Most of the stolen treasures are displayed 'proudly' in museums in London and Paris. Even after many hand changes, loots are still loots. Most Brits would rather forget its history of pushing drugs as a nation but we can never cover the truths.

This devastation of a semi colonized China bankrupted China, leading to a century of humiliation. The millions of innocent victims and drug addicts must have shed their tears from heaven to make the celebration day rain all day long to echo the injustice and their suffering to the world.

1 who built a marble boat from the fund that was supposed to build battleships for Chinese navy.


·         It is understandable that the Brits hated this blog and submitted all kind of excuses. However, those who debated did not have adequate arguments on their shameful history. They argued that the Queen attracted a lot of tourists and made billions of pounds for the Brits.

·         However, I have many supporting my argument. I believe most Brits today do not know anything about the Opium Wars and their damages to China.

·         From Wikipedia, check out Opium Wars

Industrial Revolutions: 
Dowager Cixi:                  

·         The Queen is a sweet, old lady and I wish her the best. However, we have to learn from history otherwise we will repeat history. Same for Chinese to learn from history.

I did enjoy the opening celebration in the Olympics. It was very entertaining with the rich culture of Britain. The Industrial Revolution innovation developed the advanced weaponry / iron battleship that were used to enforce the opium trade to China. It is a revolution to end all revolutions.

·         There are excuses to the Opium Wars and the United Army of Eight Nations (or Alliance of Eight Nations). The Boxers were rebels to the west and patriotic to most Chinese.

These are the same excuses of how WW2 was started from Japan on China.

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Search A Nation of No Losers in 

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