Monday, September 16, 2013

Nanjing Massacre

During WW2 and inspired by its ambitious and wicked emperor, Japanese turned themselves into animals to conquer its neighbors.

Imagine captured young women are forced to be sex slaves for their army. What kind of monster did the Japanese military become? Is it worse than the German crimes of WW2? At least they did not rape openly.

There was a contest in which two Japanese generals competed over how many Chinese heads could be chopped off with their swords. After beheading over a hundred, one competitor said that it was not fair as his blade was dull. They continued the utter madness by restarting the competition all over again! Was there any conscience?

These soldiers are war criminals. They killed innocent people by tossing babies, looting and raping. They killed anyone taking pictures. Many of these criminals are being paid respect by high officials in the 'shrines'. It is as disguising as paying homage to Hitler. These war criminals should be tracked down and executed.

Instead, they bragged about how they raped young girls as described by these soldiers without remorse in the documentary Nanjing, which you can rent from Netflix. Another teenager 'wanted' to be raped to save her grandpa. These war criminals should be tracked down and prosecuted similar to what the Jews are doing to the WW2 war criminals instead of their bragging openly.

I suggest that one of the atomic bombs should have been dropped on the Imperial Palace in Kyoto and the other one on the 'shrine' instead of killing innocent citizens at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even this punishment would be too small for such crimes. The Tsunami must be formed by the tears of the victims crying for justice into a killer wave. I feel sorry for the current generation who has to suffer and who has nothing to do with WW2.

The ignorant Japanese mayor said Nanjing Massacre never happened. Japanese, young and old, please use Wikipedia and search for 'Nanjing Massacre' or read the late Iris Chang's book which the documentary firm was based on. The government stopped the translation of Chang’s book.

Recently the young major of Osaka said that the comfort women were necessary. How about capture all the women in Osaka and let them be raped by the U.S. soldiers and tell the world it is necessary. I hope he does not represent this generation of youth. He should lose his job after this announcement in a civilized society.

We should not spread hatred especially from one generation to another. However, if we do not learn from history, most likely we will repeat history. I wrote this blog hoping to give a voice to the millions of victims who never have a voice.

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